Sentient excreta

January 18, 2010

Just as Hitler’s unspeakable evil became the metaphor of depraved insanity for the twentieth century, the Taliban and Al Qaida have already become indelible logos of cowardice and subhuman barbarism for the remainder of this millennium. I cannot believe that nature could ever be so diseased as to spew forth any abomination that could top the level of those who would find the sneaky assassination of babies, children, mothers, and disabled elderly human beings to be an acceptable, let alone honorable, pursuit.

If ever there was a personification of the concept of Satan, they are it. To believe that anything short of an equal level of dedication to erasing them and their ilk from the face of the earth will suffice is naïve at best and criminally negligent at worst. One does not fight a conflagration by asking it politely to extinguish itself. When up against sentient excreta that enjoy killing, one must kill them in order to survive. That does not mean one has to enjoy doing it. I intensely dislike the need to behave in any way that resembles the enemy’s manner of thinking, but that is the only way to defeat them. Anything less is suicide.


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