…Par for the (inter)course….?  

February 19, 2010

The news item reported that Veronica Siwik-Daniels, one of Tiger Woods’ several dalliances, and a former porn performer to boot, sat down with a lawyer to watch the famed golfer hang his head for the TV cameras. Apparently, she wants a customized attention-getting public apology especially for her for the attention her prone behavior caused her.

“I really feel I deserve to look at him in person face to face in the eyes because I did not deserve this,” she was quoted as saying.


Excuse me?

This is funny! There is no other way to put it. It’s hilarious! I mean, the floozie lined up with a dozen or so other ladies of the night and gave a multi-millionaire a freebie or two and thinks she should get an apology or something because he got caught and she’s embarrassed or something? She should have thought of that before she tossed her thong and insisted that he leave a twenty on the dresser……

…and, furthermore…

…if all of those crocodile tears were “real” why didn’t she sit down with a preacher instead of an ambulance chaser (ie: financial settlement shark) to watch the show…………and why did she need to put on a show of her own……?

Let’s face it, the lives of the rich and famous are theater and entertainment for the bored and broke. Nobody really gives a shit about the same kind of drama from some “Debbie Does Dallas” wanna-be….


What a bunch of garbage. She enjoyed the trysts as much as he did and neither one of them would give a toot if the lid hadn’t come off to put the light of day on their ….um ….. “indiscretions”…..


One comment

  1. I supposed she believed the Julia Roberts movie,”Pretty Woman” was a biography or something.


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