… simplistic, foolish, naive  

March 20, 2010

Just as the shopper should be aware that all tissues are not Kleenex©, one should not confuse “Health Care Reform©” with healthcare reform. One is a carefully marketed brand. One is a generalized action that most of the public agrees needs to be undertaken. Blaming the Insurance industry alone is naively simplistic, and believing government intrusion into such a huge sector of the economy will fix it is foolish.


One comment

  1. Anyone who believes socialized medicine is a good idea should join the military, get married, have a kid or two, and then see what your dependents have to deal with in the TriCare system (the medical system for dependents and retirees). Yes you have coverage, but access to care isn’t always as immediate as needed. And when it is immediate, it’s like going through the local drive-thru window. . . without any customer service.


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