Size natters……..  

January 12, 2012

Much has been made the disparities of wealth, assets, income, and so forth of late, reminiscent of the mornings after Halloweens long past when siblings guarded their own caches while slyly plotting raids of those of others.

I think I see the crux of the problem here. Regardless of the issue at hand, and regardless of one’s particular stand on that issue, numbers fly all over the place like bats at sunset in August. One percent of rich people get “A” while two percent of poor people are penalized by “B”. If a man making $250,000 saves $2,000, he gets a better deal than the square root of the hypotenuse, and the Middle Class overpays their “fair share” by Pi. The problem isn’t politics or economics, it is mathematics, pure and simple! If it wasn’t for MATH, statistics in particular (I absolutely despised that course), we could all waddle obesely off into the sunset, or the sunrise as direction would be irrelevant, without a worry in the world. People would stand on bridges carrying signs stating “HI THERE!” or perhaps just blank sheets of poster board.

I think we should pass a law outlawing math. I’m surprised nobody figured this out before. One hundred percent Shocking.


One comment

  1. I think it’s because math and politics go together like drinking and driving. . . at some point someone is bound to get hurt.


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