….Antics of a Trogdolyte  

January 14, 2012

I was distracted on an internet discussion forum by the antics of a Troglodyte claiming three Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D. His delusions of grandeur shielded him from awareness that people with G.E.D.s were effortlessly making common sense observations while he continuously presented himself as a pompous ass instead of the model of brilliance, a mantle he presumed to own by fiat.

One hopefully learns a few things along the trail, with or without silken sashes, tassels, and ornate parchments gathering dust on the wall. My path did manage to expose me to useful tidbits. One of the things I learned was the value of Die Gestalt, in a sense, when faced with things which just don’t feel, right. Don’t just listen to the words someone says. They sometimes mean little compared to all of the other aspects of communication transpiring. The finesse of a con artist, a magician, and many others is founded in the ability to effectively distract and substitute a perceived reality of his own making for the true one. Our brains take scattered cues, mixes them with expectations based on experience, and we operate according to results of that process.

I refused to be sucked in. It was interesting to observe how quickly his air of superiority and mewling condescension changed into rather unsophisticated efforts to discount the validity of uncooperative readers of his tirades instead of jousting with their ideas. He descended into undisguised personal attacks and global generalities, which made it clear to me that, while he may indeed have four post graduate degrees, what he did NOT have was both oars in the water.


One comment

  1. Carrying around all of those degrees doesn’t leave much room to handle the oars.


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