LA and MSN…

March 22, 2012

as terminal ends of their respective digestive tracts.…

This is funny. Actually, it’s pathetic.

I rarely pay much heed to the alleged “news” items MSN and MSNBC like to feature, let alone those “comment” areas that follow, but I happened across an item about Los Angeles responding to the recent flap caused by a radio personality flapping his mouth in a “politically incorrect” manner by passing legislation designed to avoid future potentially offensive comments in their airspace.

The pseudo journalists of cyberland asked readers to comment whether or not they supported such restrictions on language the Gods of LA deem to be racist or sexist. I couldn’t help myself. I wrote “No. LA is known for anal retentive legislation.

It got “bleeped”. And then another reader made a comment about how one should not abridge one’s right to be an a$$hole.

Now, that’s funny! You can say “a$$hole” on MSN but not “anal retentive”. Freud would be appalled. Or perhaps he’d feel validated….. Shakespeare would feel like he’d died (again) and gone to heaven….

Apparently, one may post terms generally considered to be “profane” as long as one disguises the utterances so that they don’t look exactly like a profanity although everybody knows what is really being said. Like, calling somebody an asshole would lead to editorial intervention, but it would be OK to scrawl “a$$hole” all over LA (or MSN) with gay abandon.

I wonder if MSN could broadcast a medical documentary in LA. Perhaps not, according to its own standards. Do “spell-check” and other digital surrogates for actual human thought understand context, or is it a one size fits all approach to protecting the public from emotional hangnails?

Censorship, like clothing styles, is cyclical, and the present day is certainly boasting a generous reemergence of literary leisure suits and plaid polyester trousers. What a fool’s errand that is! English as a language is a tossed salad of metaphor and idioms. I’m surprised that those terminal ends of the digestive tract running LA and MSN don’t understand that.


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