Election Eve pondering….

November 5, 2012

the ubiquitous PFSEG……….

There are plenty of things to take issue with during the tedious campaign processes leading up to a major election, and most have been discussed beyond even my occasionally long-winded tolerance. One which I’ve not seen however is the matter of the PFSEG.

The PFSEG, of course, is the “Permanently Frozen Shit-Eating Grin” worn by both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney anytime either of them is within Apollo rocket range of a graphic communications device. It’s disturbing. Those who don’t find it disturbing, or at least moderately unnatural and curious, haven’t been paying attention or live under the delusion that everyone walks through life looking as though their G-spots were hooked up to a motorcycle battery.

Nobody is that happy for more than a few seconds unless they are under the influence of drugs, or should be. People who have won the lottery squeal and squeak for the cameras and then go into shock, after which they tend to go into hiding. You can’t blame them. Otherwise, they’d be fending off a deluge of long-lost cousins, who, like politicians, have been known to wear PFSEG’s.

And when it comes to living under delusions, I’m not so occupied, in regards to Election 2012 anyway, which has all the potential to entertain us for months to come with the antics of sore losers, bloated winners, and the Resurrection of Chad who seems destined to hang yet one more time.


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