Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY…..

December 28, 2012

everyone hates everyone else….

It was inevitable. Now they’re asking “Is Westboro Baptist Church a hate group?”

So, the new American Spirit is, “if somebody pisses you off, you ask Uncle Nanny to send them to their room?” Even MY lexicon does not include enough profanity and bathroom-based invective to describe such an incredibly stupid and….yes….. UNAMERICAN…..suggestion.

It reminds me of my sister and I, at our respective ages of six and five, doing one of those “Y’are too”-“Iyamnot!” bits. If our idiotic and impotent Congress wasn’t so amenable to such ideas, it would be funny. But they are, and it’s not.

I’ll play.

Those who wish to restrain the speech and activities of those we find to be obnoxious, insulting, wrong, too biased, not biased enough, too tall, too short, too blond, not blond enough, the wrong religion, attending the wrong school, ugly, snotty, or favoring unattractive shrubbery in front of their houses…….you are all TERRORISTS….and, should be…


I said that. Now, ignore me.


Not that I’d notice…..

~-~* * *~-~



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