Out of the mouths of Bears…..

February 2, 2013

open mouth, insert sock….

We’ve all seen it at one time or another, hopefully not in the rear-view mirror. A police officer suddenly flips on his Christmas Tree and pulls a U-bie.

This common event occurred once again in my town Thursday, except for one minor detail. The officer pulled his U-bie smack dab into the path of an oncoming truck. The squad car was mangled, the truck landed in the ditch, and the errant officer landed in the hospital.


Wow, did I just call the police officer “errant”?

Evidently the Maine State Trooper who investigated the event disagrees with me. The newspaper story quoted him as announcing that “No charges will be brought.”

According to Trooper John York, who investigated the accident, “There was no distraction…..He was focused on the vehicle that he was turning on and turned into another vehicle’s path.”


I don’t know how this gentleman defines “distracted”, but pulling into the path of an oncoming vehicle because you’re focused on something else kinda fits, at least in my book….

We’ve all done it at one time or another, hopefully not in an official capacity and hopefully not for the readership of any newspaper that happens to snag the moment off the wire service for public consumption. The mouth opens, something really really stupid falls out, and there’s no way to suck it back in like a strand of spaghetti before the masses notice……


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