Rachel from Credit Card Services …..

February 21, 2013

….. still at large, and still Public Enema Number One…

We’ve got to get our priorities straight.

One of the political mother lodes today is immigration, and I agree, it is a problem. But then, I look at it this way. Every Mexican who swims across the Rio Grande so he or she can spend dawn to dusk picking produce in 100 degree heat for Spartan wages takes a job away from some bona fide American sitting on his ass drinking cheap beer while someone else feeds and clothes his random spawn and sends his former breeding stock to college.

Quite frankly, I’d rather we spent the money tracking down our latest Public Enema Number One, Rachel from Credit Card Services, the Tokyo Rose of the twenty first century.

While answering telemarketing calls isn’t exactly America’s Favorite Pastime next to Baseball, it is a legitimate industry, no less than the Fuller Brush Man and other door to door salesmen from the not too distant past. The Rotten Apple principle applies, however, and the incessant robo-calls of “Rachel” must certainly have a negative impact on ethical marketing organizations (no, that is not an oxymoron) who have an actual product to sell or service to offer. Thus, I imagine Rachel and his-her-its-their ilk steal jobs, too, not to mention the peace and privacy of millions. Such pre-recorded, automatic calls are illegal, and the FCC has said they have cracked down on them. Bull funky.

If some government employee can sit at a console, push a button, and send a smart bomb through a specific window of a specific building a half a world away and drop it on the specific desk of a specific persona non grata, I should think we would have the wherewithal to locate and permanently pull the plug on “Rachel” right here at home.


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I first commented on the Rachel issue January 27, 2012 (half-way down the page) on my other blog, marching to the beat of my own crayons




  1. I just answered one of “her” calls. Generally, I use my Caller ID to screen her out, but this time I made a mistake and picked it up. My bad. Is “she” taking jobs away from Americans? I doubt it. I suspect that the revenue she generates for the phone companies is what keeps her going. As for the Government’s refusal to do anything about it, why does this surprise you? It’s just one more of the thousands of laws and rules that they refuse to implement.


    • Thanks for the input! No, it doesn’t surprise me…..not that Uncle Sugar doesn’t implement a law, but that the millions we already have are so inconsistently enforced. Heck, we’ve got too many laws already. I actually ‘pressed one’ and spoke to “Rachel” twice. Once to tell the guy who answered not to call any more, as I have a “no call” number, and once (after ump-teen more calls after that) to deliver a stream of my finest Anglo Saxon invective…which the nice young lady on the other end gave right back to me, in spades.


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