Barrel of monkeys be damned…..

March 5, 2013

People are more fun….

As a child, I thought it was a riot to watch a spider frantically spinning a web in the garden, or neighborhood dogs mating on some little old lady’s front lawn on a Sunday afternoon. As an adult, I find people and our own behavior far more intriguing.

We live in a wonderfully bizarre world.

Women in thongs complain indignantly about being treated as sex objects; square-jawed icons of masculinity tout erectile dysfunction potions and testosterone boosters. People from coast to coast wax passionately about the dangers of distracted driving, yet drool over the car ads on TV featuring how well the focus of that particular 30 seconds of prime time can slalom down a mountain of switchbacks or power slide in a cloud of dust through a chandelier mysteriously hanging in the middle of a desert.

And virtually everybody demands laws to restrict what others do from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, while at the same time insisting their own favorite vices be left alone and that those who think otherwise should mind their own business.


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