Regarding memorable words…..

April 3, 2013

from what’s-his-face….

I was brought up in the age of please-and-thank-you, et al, but the epidemic of Public Apologies being drooled by anybody who is anybody, anybody who thinks he is somebody, and those who haven’t got a chance but wish they did, has been over the edge.

The minute some job-scared wannabe journalist, politician, or film star senses the remote possibility that three percent of the lower three percent of the social bell curve, or some idiot who thinks he or she leaves the bathroom smelling like gardenias, might be mildly annoyed at the tone of voice used while saying “Good morning”, the ensuing headlines drip with self flagellation. Get over it. Everybody except the wannabe journalist, politician, or film star did, long before completion of the word “Goo….”.

I recall an old journalism saw that suggested that, if you want to start a rumor, deny that it is true. It applies quite well here, and serves to enlighten one regarding the apparent beneficiaries of the Public Apology. In addition to the whole concept of Remorseful Responsibility being trivialized into near nothingness, it has become rather apparent that the primary beneficiary is the alleged perpetrator himself.

“I deeply regret my choice of words yesterday when…” the voice spewing faux angst into a rack of microphones drones…

“Who the hell is that?” I make a funny face at the TV.

Well, you see, that is the whole point. Until the moment Harry Humble or Greta Grovel Publicly Apologized for muttering “ain’t” in a dream he or she had the previous Tuesday night, neither I nor most of those to whom they were baring their souls had ever heard of them; or had given a crap, for that matter, and still don’t.

By owning up to some innocuous offense, however, one precipitates the latest media feeding frenzy and becomes a household name.

My household roster is full.

Nobody cares.

Welcome to the World of My-Bathroom-Doesn’t-Smell-Like-Gardenias.

Now, stuff a sock in it.

Whatever your name is…..


~-~* * *~-~



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