Regarding meadow muffin madness…..

May 5, 2013

and missed opportunities….

I spent about 25 years in the behavioral health field, most of it as a substance abuse counselor with a hospital based rehabilitation program. One of the common arguments I would hear when counseling individuals regarding their use of marijuana was “..but it’s organic, man.”

Be that as it may, my rejoinder on more than a few occasions was “So is horse shit, but I don’t hear of people paying north of (whatever the going street price for “pot” was then) an ounce for that so they can stick it in a little pipe with feathers and stuff hanging off it and then smoking it to get a buzz.”

I’m long retired now, but every once in a while I think about those days and kind of wish I had started a rumor about the mood altering qualities of horse shit and then just sat back to see what would happen.


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