On marching in step…..

May 25, 2013

or, not….

I once worked for a major oil company, my one brief side-trip into the bizarre world of pinstriped suits, sensible ties, and wingtip shoes where all men said “Yes” and laughed at the boss’s apparent attempts at humor, whether such efforts were funny or not. In fact, one laughed if the visual cues even suggested more than a 50% chance that humor was in the air. Missing any opportunity to be the first one to “get it” was unthinkable. It wasn’t unheard of to witness a spontaneous guffaw from the back of the room where some hapless (and perhaps soon-to-be-jobless) underling had misconstrued a grim report of plummeting sales by the head honcho.

It was a dimension of robots where “creativity” meant doing something the boss thought of. Genuine innovation did not require a creative mind, it required a man with balls.

That’s why a SOCIOPATH is highly likely to succeed and “lead” in that world. He spends his first day at work thinking of ways to facilitate his boss’s demise, whereas the “NORMAL” employee is more likely to waste any potential for creativity on coming up with new ways to kiss the boss’s ass.

Frankly, if I had known then what I know now, I’d have honed my latent pathologies to get to the top, and then I’d have promoted to Vice President the first man that walked into my office wearing jeans, an obscene T-shirt, and sandals in order to hand me a brilliant idea that nobody had ever thought of before.


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