The dog….

July 2, 2013

My family doesn’t talk much. It’s not that we don’t like each other, because we do. Very much. We’re just not particularly communicative. Birthdays, weddings, funerals. That’s about it. You know how it is.


“Yo, How’s everybody?”


“It’s your brother, f’chrissake>”

“I knew that. So, how are YOU?”


“What’s up?”

“Just thought I’d touch base. Been awhile.”



“Well, Jenn’s all graduated, and….”


“Yeah, really! She’ll be heading off to the university in the fall.”

“Imagine!……seems like just yesterday..”

“Yeah, I know. So what’s new with you folks?”

“Mmmm…not much. I don’t know. Dog died…”

“NO!!!….Good grief, I’d have thought he’d have been gone a long time ago. How the heck old was he!?”

“Died six years ago Tuesday…figured I’d never told ya, so….”

“Oh….OK…..Sorry to hear it. You gonna get another one?”


“What is it…?”

“Dead. He died a year ago…”


~-~* * *~-~



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