It really sucks…..

September 3, 2013

when the sump pump quits suckin’….

….It’s been like the monsoons around here all week, and the air is just about as wet as the ground. Walking is difficult out there. So is breathing, for that matter. Trying to do both at once is a real challenge sometimes. Nevertheless, at least we have a good sump pump in the cellar, and as long as that sucker keeps on suckin’, we’ll be fine. So, I hear this loud sucking sound this morning coming from the cellar. It couldn’t have been jobs going across the border because they all did that years ago, so I figured it had to be that sucker in the sump well, but I couldn’t understand why it sounded more like it was suckin’ air than water. I made my way down to the cellar to find out what was going on. I found the sump pump suckin’ away in a basically empty well with a partially detached hose spewing water back into the pit.

“Well”, I thought. “That sucks.” Or not.

I discovered that the band clamp holding the exit hose to the pump unit had broken, so I rummaged around in the garage for a new one and replaced it. The well had filled up a bit so once I had everything put back together, I plugged the sucker back in. It sucked! That was a relief, but when the water was all gone the sucker kept on suckin’ and began to heat up. Hmmm. It seems the switch had pooped out and wouldn’t turn the sucker off, again.

I went to my office/man cave/junk repository and pawed through my files until I found the receipt and paperwork from when I had purchased the thing.

Warrantee seems to have expired just like the sump pump. Now I have to go buy a new one and get it installed within an hour and a half. That’s about how long it takes the sump well to fill back up before I have to plug the faulty sucker back in to suck the water out lest I have to chase floating storage bins around the cellar again like I did the last, time.

That really sucks, you know?


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