Lesions of history…..

October 15, 2013

and other incidents of Congressional borborygmus…

Having just posted a diatribe against television advertising fare, I’m still in scoff-mode while reading about the last minute “deal” supposedly being crafted by the otherwise immobile Petrified Congress. Somewhere between “Pfffft!” and the inevitable “Bull $hit!”, I’m sure I can dig out an opinion or three.

I don’t think it’s just a matter of me metamorphosing into a jaded old curmudgeon. I really believe the general population has suffered some sort of reverse evolution characterized by increased gullibility, malleability, and general asshattery, accompanied by an equally remarkable apparent mutation in the nature and believability of our government. They lie. The people believe it. They get a raise. The people get unemployment compensation. It’s like the script for This Slice of Time was written by Jerry Springer and Hidalgo Rivera over a few too many beers.

The point is, I think it is highly convenient, not to mention extremely suspicious, that we have been subjected to this cheap tabloid drama by the idiots screwing this country up, just so they can swoop in, capes flowing artfully behind them, as they save the day, release the damsel from her bonds upon the railroad tracks, and award themselves some sort of bonus squeezed out of the unemployment checks of their captive audience.

Somewhere, there is somebody leaning out of a window, the words “I’m mad as hell…” forming on his lips, but he’s forgotten what to say next.

I think I’ve got a few ideas for him.


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