Win – win…

February 4, 2014


As the continuum of Public Appologitis marches on, one of the more recent players to step up to the trough of Observable (faux) Humble Pie to feed was MSNBC President Phil Griffin. Those who give a toot about such things may have noticed the pre-Super Bowl Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family. Apparently, somebody at MSNBC opined via Tweet that the right wing would dislike it intensely.

As anyone with a wetted finger to the winds of politics would expect, at least one Pol seized the moment and waxed indignant, in this instance the sprint winner being Republican National Committee honcho Reince Priebus. Right on cue, the media man stepped up to the microphone to wax mortified, announcing that the villain had been canned and stating that his station believes in debate about the issues and that…

…“we invite voices from all sides to participate.”

I couldn’t qwell my awareness that one of his home voices had apparently done precisely that, and been fired for it.

Contrary to what first impressions may suggest, however, this was almost a classic “Win-Win” scenario, both sides taking home the gold with their respective moments in the spotlight. Unfortunately, the “loser” spot was filled by the unnamed sacrificial Tweeter who provided them with the opportunity to do so.


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