Bucket stunt…..

August 20, 2014

gets icy reception….

This morning I took a huge personal risk. I drove into town after a couplacups of coffee, a banana, some yogurt, a glass of juice, and a truckload of pills….

………(wow….how things change! It seems like just yesterday breakfast, if I even bothered, consisted of cold pizza, warm beer ala cigarette butts, and an Alka Selzer…)….

….and took up a position in front of the Post Office. As the citizenry began to wander in for their daily servings of “Oh, crap,” and “Oh, good,” I set about the business of arranging my equipment and supplies for the big moment. That activity, of course, sparked a wave of communicable curiosity, and I soon stepped up onto the wooden box I had brought along to use as a platform, firmly gripping the handle of a five gallon bucket in my right hand.

After a minute or so, I slowly raised the bucket into the air over my head and began to invert it.

The crowd indicated through body language, faux body noises, mumbling, and a few rather colorful colloquialisms that the demonstration had been a profound dud. I stood there and watched as the assembly disassembled

I gentleman strolled over and looked up at me, a questioning look on his face.

“What the hell was THAT all about?” he asked.

“I’m raising money for ALS, of course,” I replied with a smile.

“But….” he began tentatively, “you didn’t DO anything! You stood up there and held an empty bucket over your head, and here you are bone dry!”

We silently held eye contact long enough so that we both knew that the point was to be the second one to say anything further. I decided to allow him to win, at least on that item.

“Well,” I shrugged, “it’s the thought that counts…….and, of course, the money. How much would you like to chip in today?”

I held out the empty bucket and smiled.

~-~* * *~-~



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