About fiddling…

October 17, 2014

while stuff burns….

With minimally sincere apologies for beating a dead horse, I noticed an article this morning that reported ISIS is now training jet fighter pilots with some captured aircraft. I’m right up front there with NOT sacrificing another generation on the barbaric Middle East altar, but I can’t ignore those who caution that we are in danger of repeating history if we continue to just sit on the sidelines and opinionate.

We spent a number of years tossing little more than an occasional “tsk, tsk” across the Atlantic while Germany bulked up to threaten the world. At the same time, we tried pretending Japan didn’t exist, until we had little choice but to do something definitive.

Now, in less than a year, we have gone from blowing ISIS off as an annoying fringe group to stammering indecisively as they spread through Syria and Iraq like a beer fart in a sauna, and suddenly appear in the skies flying captured fighter jets.

Maybe when Congress and the White House get done with the Midterm Elections hoopla they’ll get down to business and….

….never mind….


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