Ah, it’s an election year…

November 1, 2014

and the heady aroma of horse manure fills the air…

This isn’t the nastiest election season I can remember, or have read about from earlier times, but it scores right on down there with the worst of them, at least here in Maine. The other possibilities are that I’m just paying more attention now, or that I’m becoming more crotchety. I’ll stick with the first option.

Many of the “mailers” stuffing my Post Office box recently, like their television counterparts, say little or even nothing at all about the favored candidate or position, the entire message being devoted to insulting, discounting, and selectively nit-picking the opposition instead.

I can think of only one candidate for office who has not issued or approved of a single attack ad. The entire focus of any advertising for or by this person is on personal positions on the issues, goals, and prior activities or accomplishments.

Negative comments about a competitor’s actions or positions invariably leave me with questions about context and “the rest of the story.” If it is important that someone voted for or against a challenger’s pet program, I need to know why he or she voted that way before deciding whether that decision reflects my own preferences or not. A man would be roundly demonized for shooting his neighbor’s dog, until it was revealed that the dog was attacking a child at the time. Such omissions might be understandable within the general population, but in the political arena they are calculated and deliberate. I distrust any candidate who employs such deception and won’t vote for them.

Negative campaigners, in my opinion, are just “preaching to the choir”. Their ads certainly aren’t attractive, especially when they don’t say what the candidate is for or even who the candidate is.

I don’t vote for people who hope to win by destroying the competition instead of by outperforming them. It speaks of character flaws and deceit.


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One comment

  1. My feelings exactly. If they can’t extoll their own virtues, why should I vote for them?


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