If peace was profitable

May 26, 2015

someone would make a killing….

Depending on how one computes it, the United States has been at war either 214 or 222 of the last 239 years. While we think of July 4, 1776 a the magic day, our ancestors were throwing lead around long before that. It doesn’t matter. It is more than clear that war is our national addiction, and like any addiction, it is complex. Also like with any other kind of addiction, nothing changes until something changes. The addict must quit doing whatever it is he or she is doing that seems to be interfering with his/her ability to function “normally”, or at least as they would prefer. It gets to the point where talk is a waste of time. We like to drape awards on ourselves for preaching peace and tranquility, but that’s like a hooker pontificating about virginity.

Why do we do that? It’s obviously related to that large brown hill out behind the barn.

First of all, just like peace and tranquility is probably something Timothy Leary thought up and isn’t really even on the menu, expecting this kind of delusional behavior to stop, or to even taper off a dite, is highly unrealistic as well. We make both love and war, but we do have priorities, and none of them involve cuddling on the couch in front of the TV when there’s a fight somewhere to finish, or perhaps to start.

We’ve had some setbacks economically during the past decade. That’s what happens when we pack up our toys, dust off the survivors, bury the rest, and make a big show of coming home.

Finger pointing and rabid journalists digging for an angle accomplishes diddly-squat. That hasn’t uncovered one fact in more than two centuries. Here’s a fact: Peace is to economic prosperity as Steven King is to Elizabethan poetry. Humanity has developed an entire shtick-loop about industry, international brat-fairs, wealth, and keeping the philosophers happy because they can’t fight, can’t make a hole in a donut, and never have more than one nickel at a time, which makes rubbing two of them together akin to the sound of one hand clapping.

So, what do we do about all of this?

My answer, essentially, is nothing…at least not in the realm of continuing to bray the same-old, same-old. Pounding the nail on the wrong end wont work whether you use a sledge hammer or a banana.

Throw away the nail. Eat the banana. I don’t give a crap what you do with the sledge hammer. Time for a new game.

I suggest we simply admit how much war and it’s multitude of facets contribute to the world and our nation. That doesn’t necessarily mean we should revel in it. After all, people get killed and lives are ruined. It’s nasty business, but so is following the elephant with a shovel. Want to see something funny? Start a rumor that the guy with the shovel makes more than the CEO’s of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, and a few dozen other such companies who are back-ordered into the next dimension. The next war will be over who gets to hold the shovel.

Hey, it’s who we are, folks. I was raised and educated by General Electric, but my father could never tell me about his work. My uncle worked on the Manhattan Project, among other distractions.

We want nice cars, fancy houses, a cabin in the mountains or at the lake, nice clothes, the latest electronic doo-hickey, and Retirement Accounts gushing cash out of every pore. If you want “peace“, whatever the hell that is, you have to live in a country so small the folks living at the four corners can sing a Barbershop Quartet in perfect harmony, where human vices are the main-stay of the local economy, and where the government is empowered only to strut around in fancy clothes at endless cocktail parties, and to turn the street light on and off.


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