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July 10, 2016

neither actual nor inferred….

Back in the “sixties” when Vietnam, desegregation, and pot were the issues of the day, and the next day, and the next, etcetera, somebody coined a little verbal bumper sticker that went something like this: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Of course, the poignant question became an actual bumper sticker and then faded into history as Vietnam came to a close with a dull thud.

I’ve been thinking it would be a shame to just let such a clever premise remain entombed when there are so many donkey-butts wandering around just waiting for someone to pin such a great tail on them.

Take the inaptly named “Obamacare,” for example. I say “inaptly named” because Obama knew less about the Affordable Care Act than Nancy Pelosi did, but got tagged to carry it across the line like a coke mule so he named it after himself. Just another one of those little political mysteries like Lincoln, Kennedy, and a few more that will remain safely under the rug for generations until nobody except library moles give a damn anymore.

But, for right now, a lot of people give a damn. As is usually the case with government shenanigans, the current administration has its metaphorical butt covered with the Internal Revenue Service’s expanded role as resident knee-breakers (i.e., “Enforcers”), poised to drop by for a spot of tea with any folks who neglect to voluntarily purchase the government’s prescribed products. Nevertheless, I have to ask, “What if they held an enrollment period and 115 million American households decided not to show up?” Heck, why be greedy? How about if just half of the expected gate had better things to do next year?

Well, The Knee-Breakers would raise the Jolly Roger, of course, and confiscate any and all tax refunds we’ve all been perfectly trained to salivate over on cue every April like Pavlov’s dogs. The funny thing is, it is perfectly legal and not particularly difficult to fill out a new W-4 so that one’s payroll withholdings come close to covering one’s estimated taxes, resulting in little or no refund. Thus, my second bumper sticker would read “What if most of the 122 million taxpayers simultaneously tired of salivating on cue and set up zero-surplus W-4s next year?” Hey, why not, it’s our money, isn’t it? Why let the government play with it interest free?

I’ll be right up front about this: we might get away with it, but only temporarily. Obamacare is just another one of many Ponzi schemes our elected representatives have managed to set up over the years, and it won’t work unless everybody pays up according to the plan. The scam of mandating the purchase of prescribed insurance, and “awarding” credits to pay for it, is dependent on most people letting about 10 percent of their earned income wallow in government coffers, handy for confiscation if desired, or to put into various other crap shoots, many of them quite profitable. Believe me, take away their mad money and they will be, well, mad. It’s hard to tell what “mini-tyranny” would be cooked up to compensate for the shortfall, punish those who had the audacity to act like Americans and assert their Independence and Liberty, and to tighten the noose to prevent reruns.

I know, it’s easy for me to say “do it,” but I say “do it anyway.

And, it is most certainly NOT easy for me to say. I am almost entirely dependent on my Social Security now that I am retired. Politicians toy with the idea of cutting Social Security, mostly just to intimidate people like me. Funny thing is, there are a lot of people like me and I’m not intimidated.

At 72, the best way to ensure that I will make an obscene hand gesture is to threaten to break my hand if I make an obscene hand gesture.

Besides, there are several things the government doesn’t want to mess with, and Social Security is one of them. I experienced my first Social Security deduction in 1957 when I started sweeping floors and washing windows at the local Five and Dime on Saturday mornings for a buck an hour. The last confiscation occurred in 2007, fifty years later, when I retired. Ponzi scheme or not, and it is, I complied with having my pocket picked for fifty years while constantly being assured of financial security in retirement….not that I believe everything I’m told, but I’ll hold them to it to the best of my ability, and if that doesn’t work I’ll just become unmanageable and incontinent.

In all sincerity, though, the American people have got to regain control of their own government. The challenge is, as history has taught us over and over again since the beginning of civilization, “government” is a dangerous but necessary beast.

When not controlled and watched over carefully, its nature is to take control and enslave those who engaged its services in the first place. And, “government” is not a “them” in conflict with “us” in our situation. In reality, a part of the population has decided to partner with the beast and steer its course to their own benefit. Those who do not agree with that course have no choice but to resist, take it back, and then resist the temptation to do the same thing but to their own benefit.

The framework is intact, but will inevitably be redesigned to curb liberty and redefine “freedom” if complacency continues.

We are a society, and make certain limited concessions to facilitate that arrangement, but we have a way to live freely if we will simply follow the wisdom in the Constitution instead of the seductive promises and toothy grins of those who believe to their very core that everybody else owes them the privilege of spending their money for them and dictating how they should live, talk, think, and believe.

Do it. Its time. To paraphrase a former First Lady, “Just say NO to government.”


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