off the top of my head

….. I can’t stand those rapid-fire, mind-fogging movie trailers…

… and promos they use on TV now. They give me a headache. It’s like having someone come out of a restaurant, throw food at you, and then invite you to come in and spend money to eat more of it….


Each has an eye to the universe.…

… which is either presumed to be One and unchanged, regardless the eye seeing it, or presumed to be as only One eye sees it….


It seems as though…

…all of my “milestones” have become the Appian Way….!


Then what……?

The problem with leveling the playing field is that it removes all of the mountains.


Good news……!

There have been times over the years when I have fallen into a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose. Unfortunately, it has also worked the other way around.

Nevertheless, the good news is that I always came out, and that I always smelled like something……….


…..From sea to shining sea!

A news item today reported that Mississippi state Rep. D. Stephen Holland has submitted a bill directing that, at least in regards to the coast of Mississippi, the former Gulf of Mexico shall be henceforth known as the “Gulf of America”.

Nice idea, and while he’s at it, I think it would be only right and in the correct spirit for Rep. Holland to change his own name to something a bit more patriotic….



…..Art critic moons painting

Reminiscent of a similar but unintentional misfortune suffered by a Picasso a couple of years ago, A 36-year-old woman in Colorado was charged recently after punching, scratching and sliding her buttocks against a painting by the late abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still said to be worth more than $30 million. Also reminiscent of the Picasso incident, I had to wonder:
(1) How would anybody notice the difference?
(2) Did it help?
(3) Was the lady’s bottom disfigured?


…..weather equity

When something important takes place somewhere, the media call it “Breaking News”. I wonder why the weatherman doesn’t preface announcements regarding a developing storm as “Breaking Wind” …..


…..Picasso Ripped

The news item said some poor woman had tripped at New York Museum and ripped a big hole in a Picasso. Three questions immediately came to mind.
(1) How would anybody notice?
(2) Did it help?
(3) Was the lady OK?


…..Government & poverty

The problem is that government has attempted to quantify “poverty”. The differences in how this act is viewed politically and philosophically by each of us depend on whether one sees it as having been done for the benefit of government or for the benefit of the quantified poor.


…..Screwing for billions

Why is it that when a financial scammer is accused and convicted of screwing investors out of billions of dollars, the headlines always say “US MAY GET BILLIONS…” from the ensuing proceedings? What about the investors? Sounds like they get screwed thrice…..once by the scammer and twice by the government, which collects taxes to pay for such activities as prosecuting bad guys and then keeps the loot instead of giving it back to the good guys.


…..The way it is

Every time I figure out the answer, some wise guy comes along and changes the question.


…..On generosity

How come when someone gives away something which isn’t his he’s called “generous”, but when one keeps something of his own, those with no claim to it call him “selfish”……..?


…..Laughing all the way to the grave

Some people laugh all the way to the bank. I tried that, but when I got there they laughed back, so I decided I’ll just have to laugh all the way to the grave.



My wife and I are both exhausted from lack of sleep. The intestinal virus going around hit our house hard and we’ve been like two shits passing in the night.



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  1. This, of course, is my favorite page of all.


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